Current utilization of cardiac computed tomography in mainland China: A national survey.


Current utilization of cardiac computed tomography in mainland China: A national survey.

Liu K, Hsieh C, Zhuang N, Gao Y, Li Z, Ren X, Yang L, Zhang J, Budoff MJ, Lu B.

J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr. 2016 Jan-Feb;10(1):76-81



Surveys that describe the utilization of cardiac CT are available for the United States, Germany, and Taiwan, but not mainland China.


To analyze the clinical utilization of cardiac CT in mainland China.


A 25-item questionnaire was created and 240 tertiary hospitals were randomly selected to participate. Survey data were collected and confirmed by email as well as phone interviews.


In total, 237 (99%) hospitals consented to this survey, but 85 were excluded because of lack of cardiac CT patient volume or advanced technology. Finally, 152 (64%) questionnaires were available for analysis. Median patient volume was 1,037 patients (range: 150-8,072) annually. The most common clinical indications for coronary CT angiography were exclusion of coronary artery disease in patients with low to intermediate pretest likelihood, asymptomatic individuals with cardiovascular risk factors, and follow-up after coronary bypass grafting. The median heart rate threshold for beta blocker administration was >70 beats/min; most centers (86%) used sublingual nitroglycerin. Prospectively ECG triggered acquisition was the predominant technique in 44% of hospitals. Most (59%) providers adjusted the tube current to the body mass, but few (16%) adjusted the contrast injection rate. Per case, the mean examination duration was 14.2 min; post-processing time 13.6 min; and reporting time 18.0 min.


Cardiac CT is widely established in clinical practice in mainland China but there is a need for more uniform standards regarding performance and clinical utilization.

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