Vol 5, No 4 (August 2015): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy



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Original Article
survival curve

Evaluation of prolonged safety and efficacy of biodegradable polymer coated sirolimus-eluting coronary stent system: 1-year outcomes of the INDOLIMUS Registry» Durgaprasad Rajasekhar and others

The study evaluates prolonged safety and efficacy of the Indolimus coronary stent system in high risk patients with complex coronary lesions…
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inflammatory cells

Preclinical evaluation of a novel abluminal surface coated sirolimus eluting stent with biodegradable polymer matrix» Prakash Sojitra and others

Currently, Lebanon is at a stage of technically working to reduce the sodium content in the major sources of sodium, namely local bread and bread-like products…
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Four-year clinical follow-up of the first-in-man randomized comparison of a novel sirolimus eluting stent with abluminal biodegradable polymer and ultra-thin strut cobalt-chromium alloy: the INSPIRON-I trial» Marcos Danillo Peixoto Oliveira and others

The study evaluates the long-term clinical outcomes of patients treated with this novel sirolimus-eluting stent enrolled into the INSPIRON-I trial…
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bar graph

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the clinical practice of general medicine in Italy» Giuliano Tocci and others

Using this sample of outpatients followed by general practitioners in Italy, the study reports a relatively high prevalence of metabolic syndrome and a high prevalence of associated additional cardiovascular and…
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Review Article


Inflammation, plaque progression and vulnerability: evidence from intravascular ultrasound imaging» Yu Kataoka, Rishi Puri, Stephen J. Nicholls

The review provides evidences illustrating the relationship of inflammation with atherosclerotic plaque…
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MR images

Cardiac MR imaging: current status and future direction» Maythem Saeed and others

It can be concluded that MRI has revolutionized cardiac imaging. MR-guided intervention is another young and rapidly evolving field…
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Brief Report
country-level collaborations

Institution-level collaboration in cardiovascular research in sub-Saharan Africa» Remare R. Ettarh

This study focuses on mapping the linkages between institutions in this region using co-authorship of publications in cardiovascular research from 2005 to 2014…
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